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        Changzhou Fata Aluminum has recently installed a new pilot spent sand regeneration system at its plant in  Changzhou, Jiangsu, China . This system will be used to qualify spent foundry sand for those customers who want to know more about the process and how purchasing such a system might benefit their bottom line.

        This system is made up of a 500 Kg/h Easy-Rec fluidized bed sand regeneration furnace, combined with a pneumatic scrubber cell with a  dedicated de-dusting unit that has a throughput capacity that can vary from 500 to 3000 Kg/h.

        Such equipment can treat spent foundry sand in a variety of ways as required by the individual customer. These may be mechanical or just thermal regeneration processes (or a combination of mechanical and thermal treatments) in temperatures ranging from ambient to approximately 750℃.

·  Sands bound with organic resins;
·  Sand bound with inorganic resins;
·  Sand Mixtures (such as those containing bentonite and coal).

        A fully-equipped quality testing laboratory (LOI, AFS, acid demand value, pH, clay content, silica percentage, etc.) has been installed for real in-process analysis of the spent and regenerated sands.

        In addition to testing sand quality the system also provides an accurate yield assessment, allowing the regeneration process to be tailored to find the best compromise between post-regeneration quality and throughput.

        This new system will enable Changzhou FATA Aluminum to analyze and qualify the regeneration of sample tonnages of spent sand provided by the customer, which will allow them to validate process efficiency prior to system purchase and installation.

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